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Learn why to hire an armed security guard is important?

Regardless of whether individuals run a business or own property or assets, everyone requires an armed security guard to protect these valuable things from theft, robbery, or any alarming situation. The requirement for security guards has increased in a world where the crime rate has grown gradually. They are demanded to allocate to schools, parks, malls, plazas, events, hospitals, banks, etc. Hire an armed security guard if you own a business and feel insecure about your property or merchandise. They are well trained and have a license that permits them to have weapons such as pepper spray, a club, or firearms while performing their duties. 

What Are the Duties of An Armed Security Guard?

They perform their duty for the safety of lives and acquisitions. With the increasing cases of crimes, i.e., murders, thefts, robberies, kidnappings, smuggling, etc., the guards can give a breath of relief to the business. Some of their duties help the owner expand the company without any hurdles or negative impact on society. 

  • Emergency Response 

In emergencies like fires or natural disasters, the security guards always performed their duty on the first row. Armed security guard in Los Angeles County alerts the audience about the harm and put all their effort into bringing them to a protected and safe location.

  • CCTV Oversight 

Security guards keenly monitor the CCTV footage, monitoring every individual’s actions. Public places always become the victims of unlawful or destructive activities. They have to capture or witness illegal or harmful activity. So, through the camera, they keep an eye on every action by the public to ensure the protection and security around the area. 

  • Traffic Control 

Traffic jams can convert into chaotic situations and consequently waste individuals’ time. So, at such a spot, security guards also play well. They control the traffic to save time and organize it. They take precautions to protect them from scratches, dents, and other damage, which helps them manage traffic and prevent accidental situations where They perform competently. 

Learn why to hire an armed security guard is important?

  • Access Control 

One of their most important duties is authorizing the individual’s access before entry into the specific area where they are assigned. This action lessens the chances of the entry of any unauthorized person into any ceremony, meeting, or specific gathering. That’s how they preserve the site from any unpleasant movement. 

  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior

They investigate the suspicious activity in their assigned place. If they notice any criminal involved, they immediately report the police for the action. But in some cases, an armed security guard has to detain the suspicious person to confirm protection till the arrival of the authorities. 

  • Patrolling 

Patrolling is also a central and essential part of their duty. They roam around to ensure the protection and safety of their responsible area. They provide safe vehicles if hired for the garage or parking area. 

Final Thoughts 

Kanton Protection is super beneficial to hire armed security guard for every business or public place to avoid unpleasant, criminal, or illegal activities. Further, our highly trained and professional guards relieve their owners. They monitor the cameras, patrol the specific area, and keep an eye on every suspicious activity or person to ensure protection. 

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